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CG Berojgari Bhatta 2023 :- Complete information on how to do document verification in Chhattisgarh Unemployment Allowance

CG Berojgari Bhatta 2023 Where to do the document verification for unemployment allowance, information will be given in full detail in this article. And which documents to carry or all the information will be given in this article.

Unemployment allowance is eligible to be filled only by those with 2 years old employment registration, you can go to Click Here to find out whether your employment registration is 2 years old or not?

Step 1: – For document verification in CG Berojgari Bhatta, you have to go to Google and write here CG Berojgari Bhatta. The way you have filled the online form. Similarly for unemployment allowance you have to go to the same website and you have to come here which will come first.

CG Berojgari Bhatta 2023 :- Complete information on how to do document verification in Chhattisgarh Unemployment Allowance

CG Berojgari Bhatta 2023 :- Complete information on how to do document verification in Chhattisgarh Unemployment Allowance

You have to click on Unemployment Allowance Login. Like you guys will click here. You will click on the unemployed allowance scheme. After that you have to write down your ID and password. You have to enter the mobile number in the ID and enter your password. If you forget your password for any reason, you can recover your password by clicking on forgot password. In this way, here you have to enter your ID and password. Click on Login.

Step 2: – After this, you will get to see the dashboard here. Where are you being called for document verification, on which date you are being called and for how long, which documents you have to carry. Here, space has been given for physical verification in this way. His date is There is a friend here, he has time, how long does it take you to reach and what documents do you have to take with you for CG Berojgari Bhatta, document verification and verification, here is the employment registration card.

Your application status is coming. You have to click on this. You will click on the status of the application. He is getting the status of the beneficiary’s application in such a way that you will get the document verification done. To know whether you are eligible for unemployment allowance or whether it comes to you, click here. Here you will have to wait for a long time for verification, as the verification will take place.

Criteria of the scheme for giving unemployment allowance to the educated unemployed of Chhattisgarh etc.

  1. Under this scheme, unemployment allowance will be given to the eligible educated youth for one year first. If the particular person is not able to get gainful employment in the said period of one year, then the period of unemployment allowance can be extended for one more year. This period shall not exceed two years in any case.
  2. The applicant should be a native of Chhattisgarh.
  3. The age of the applicant should be between 18 to 35 years as on April 01 of the financial year for which the application is made.
  4. Applicant should have minimum higher secondary (12th pass) educational qualification from a recognized board.
  5. Should be registered in the District Employment and Self-Employment Guidance Center and his employment registration should be at least two years old in higher secondary or above qualification as on 01st April of the year of application.
  6. The income of the applicant should not be more. 2,50,000. Family means husband, wife and dependent children and dependent parents.

document upload
employment registration card
10th and 12th marksheet/certificate
income certificate
domicile certificate
pass 12th exam

How to do document verification of Chhattisgarh unemployment allowance
First of all, you have to apply online, after 2 or 4 days you will have to go to berojgaribhatta.cg.nic.in website and see your verification date.

When will Chhattisgarh get unemployment allowance
After document verification, meeting will start from next month.